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Business Segments

The Company serves the global satellite network communications, media and broadcasting, and government markets through its three core business segments: 1) Data, Carrier, and Internet Segment; 2) Video Segment 3) Bandwidth, Infrastructure and Networking Segment. These product offerings combine to position the Company as a full service global satellite provider.

Data, Carrier, and Internet Segment

Data Services are provided via point-to-point satellite facilities to support the changing needs of telecommunication companies. These tend to be the traditional data services that support terminal to computer and LAN-to-LAN connections. The Company also provides Internet access via the satellite facilities and to occasional use customers.

The Company's Data Operations supports engineering designs, and provides turnkey services, including installation, testing, integration, alarm response, around-the-clock network management, client site visits, technical support, and a 99.9% redundant available link for voice and data transmissions. Point-to-point data circuits are available to many locations including, but not limited to, America, Europe, Africa, South America. These facilities support both data and video conference services. An ideal data application on satellite is international Internet access. This service provides customers with direct U.S. gateway Internet access. This avoids bottlenecks in local telephone systems and in international cable systems that lack sufficient capacity. The access can be provisioned in the increasingly popular asymmetric method that significantly enhances response time.

The voice segment of the business consists principally of the transmission of international voice minutes. In addition to the services for the transmission of international voice minutes, the Company provides corporate long distance telecommunication services to corporate clients in remote areas by bringing the voice traffic into the U.S. via satellite, and connecting it to other corporate locations or the public switched network. This results in increased reliability of service and better control over costs for corporate clients as well as better network management, monitoring, and control.

The Company has developed and fostered a number of longstanding relationships with PTTs and sovereign carriers in several foreign countries. This activity has enabled the Company to establish a meaningful base of international business, particularly in developing countries that have a special need for sophisticated telecommunications providers.

The Company is able to provide worldwide connectivity through strategic partnerships connected to a U.K. sonnet ring, virtually connecting the teleport facility with London. We are also able to access DS-3 connectivity.

Video Segment

The Company currently provides several types of broadcast services. These include the uplinking of live and delayed television events, syndication of entertainment, religious, education, or special interest programming, insertion of commercials, storing and replaying from a tape library, uplinking radio programs, conversion and turnaround between C and KU Bands and business video streaming and video conferencing.
In the event of an emergency, we can assume playback for global television networks, a responsibility that will protect advertising dollars.

The Company utilizes a full service Transmission Operations Center (TOC) that provides control and switching for video, the retransmission of inbound signals and tape playback services. Above all, the Company adheres strictly to its customers' requirements.

The Company provides point-to-point and multi-point connectivity using a combination of fiber and satellite, in whatever manner is most cost-effective for its customers.

There is a Fixed Video Service at the Company’s facility where program playback, editing, and recording can be done. This is accomplished through a combination of the TOC and a studio that has video tape recording and editing capabilities. The services provided by the fixed video department include analog video for syndicated network programming, teleconferencing, and turnarounds, which are the simultaneous uplinking and downlinking of programs. The studio can broadcast live or tape delayed programming on a continuous basis.

The Company works with several syndication distributors to provide delayed uplinking, including syndication of various types of programming. For instance, the Company uses a master reel of footage and uplinks it to a satellite. The signal is then received by television stations that record the program and play it back at a scheduled time.

The Company leverages space segment inventory and its network of space segment brokers to provide clients with international and domestic satellite time in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The Company can also uplink audio programs and service a network or a single broadcast station.

The Company is capable of providing uplink and turnaround services for teleconferencing, sports, and news events, as well as for signals being originated across the U.S. for distribution to major networks, local affiliates, corporations or local businesses. With the conversion units, the Company is capable in turnaround situations of downlinking a signal from a satellite, converting it to a different bandwidth and rebroadcasting it to various television stations or recipients. An example of this would be a natural disaster where reporters are literally working with production crews right from a mobile uplink truck or the TOC/studio.

The flexibility of the facilities technology enables customers to work around geographic and broadcast constraints. For example, Europe, Canada and the United States have different video standards; however, the Company can convert from one standard to another and then uplink and/or downlink programs between Europe, the U.S., Canada and Latin America. The Company also provides digital video services consisting of multiple 24-hour transmissions. These services are made up of automated tape playback, fiber I/C’s and satellite downlinks.

The Company provides several types of Video services. A compressed videoconferencing service from studios provides customers with two-way video/audio conferences or multi-point conferences through our MCU Bridge. This service can connect to private or public meeting rooms worldwide. With multiple ISDN lines in place, the Company is able to offer clients up to a high-resolution connection or a more cost effective solution. The Video Center services provides network quality studio space, equipment and crews for live interview inserts into network broadcasts, press conferences, or business type applications. These broadcasts can be satellite transmissions or fiber both domestic and international. Video conferencing services can be provided via satellite or fiber I/C to the Video Center with audio/visual support for client educational or training seminars. In addition, the Center provides Internet access, which can be used for training, electronic mail, World Wide Web surfing and web page design and hosting. These services are also provided to local production companies and production contractors as a turnkey solution for their videoconferencing and Internet needs.

Although videoconferencing has historically been done by full analog, advancements in technology have permitted users to take advantage of Compressed Video. Compressed Video is an efficient economical alternative to analog. Using common mediums such as Switched 56, ISDN, T1, microwave, satellite, or the Internet, Compressed Video uses less bandwidth than analog systems, which results in cost efficiencies for the customer. We offer a number of solutions for videoconferencing in the Compressed Video area. Among these are:

-Sales and service of systems that transmit and receive Compressed Video and Audio.
-Public videoconference rooms at a number of multiple locations.
-A multi-point videoconference bridging (MCU) service that allows up to videoconferencing units to join together for one conference.

Bandwidth, Infrastructure and Networking Segment

The Company offers flexible Satellite Bandwidth Lease Services for C-band, Ka-band, X-band and Ku-band coverage options. From small circuits to multiple transponder leases, all of our Satellite Lease Services are highly reliable, fully supported, and come with flexible terms and service options. We have relationships with a worldwide ground infrastructure of teleports, providing continuous monitoring and 24/7 support, engineering experience, and enhanced levels of control, visibility and security. We provide a wide range of customized and secure, end-to-end communications solutions for government customers using our global terrestrial network of teleports and fiber lines. From remote outposts, disaster recovery sites, to health and education, and security agencies, our solutions support the most complex operations.
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Business Segments
Distributed System
Bridging incompatible systems and protocols, and acting as the hub of B2B networks.
Private Network
Broadcast video, voice, data, and Internet transmissions to targeted audiences.
Video Streaming
Targeted cable TV programming service to vertical markets that requires no Cable Box.
CTN is an independent global communications company using a combination of satellite, terrestrial and wireless infrastructure to deliver services to the markets. The company offers end-to-end satellite-based communication solutions; develops and installs information technology and satellite systems; and provides Internet and telecommunication connections worldwide. Satellite coverage includes the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.
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