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Satellite and Internet Protocol
Convergent utilizes a number of strategic teleports in the U.S. and Europe. The U.S. infrastructure includes C-band and Ku band antennas, and FCC licenses; fully manned technical operations center; mobile satellite uplink truck; VSAT platform; world-wide fiber connectivity; two fully equipped multi-camera studios, an audio studio control room with transmission to any world point, editing suites and multiple videoconference studios. The European technology has outstanding access to all of the leading satellites covering Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. The infrastructure offers ETC licenses, with fiber & microwave network, with microwave interconnection fiber. with links into London City.

The proprietary low-cost streaming transmission platform that allows customers to implement a selection of channels, along with local terrestrial broadcast stations to the customer headend. The programming is delivered to the headend, using the latest DVB-S2 compression technology with real time status monitoring to assure a reliable, robust signal; scalable, the headend can be configured to output Analog, ATSC HD, Clear QAM, Streaming IP or any combination of overlays. The headend’s channels fit in one compact rack. Each head end in standard configuration is equipped to produce a IPTV stream and off-air channels. Options for local insertion can be configured to accommodate custom applications. The converter is fully compliant with multiple standards and is agnostic to the received channel. Individual channels are processed to yield a stable CATV Standard, Analog NTSC signal. Each headend system is shipped fully assembled and includes a 1.2m Ku Band Satellite Antenna, High Performance Feed Assembly, standard Non Penetrating Roof Mount and Activation Assistance. The System is protected with a Standby UPS and Power Filter and includes 2 onboard spare Receivers and 1 Modulator, Full Documentation and Certification Results. The facility head-end is physically smaller, less costly and has more functionality than those being used by other service providers. Installation time is typically less than one day.
CTN is an independent global communications company using a combination of satellite, terrestrial and wireless infrastructure to deliver services to the markets. The company offers end-to-end satellite-based communication solutions; develops and installs information technology and satellite systems; and provides Internet and telecommunication connections worldwide. Satellite coverage includes the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.
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Business Segments
Distributed System
Bridging incompatible systems and protocols, and acting as the hub of B2B networks.
Private Network
Broadcast video, voice, data, and Internet transmissions to targeted audiences.
Video Streaming
Targeted cable TV programming service to vertical markets that requires no Cable Box.
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