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CTN is an independent global communications company using a combination of satellite, terrestrial and wireless infrastructure to deliver services to the markets. The company offers end-to-end satellite-based communication solutions; develops and installs information technology and satellite systems; and provides Internet and telecommunication connections worldwide. Satellite coverage includes the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.
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We offer distributed system services that unifies a collection of autonomous computers, connected through a network and distribution middleware, which enables computers to coordinate their activities and to share the resources of the system, so that users perceive the system as a single, integrated computing facility for network managed application services, managed infrastructure services and managed network/ISP services. We use satellites that are mainly dedicated to arrange trunks between the information resources centres, and the centers of these resources consumptions.

Characteristics include:
Multiple autonomous components
Components are not shared by all users
Resources may not be accessible
Software runs in concurrent processes on different processors
Multiple Points of control
Multiple Points of failure
Business Segments
Distributed System
Bridging incompatible systems and protocols, and acting as the hub of B2B networks.
Private Network
Broadcast video, voice, data, and Internet transmissions to targeted audiences.
Video Streaming
Targeted cable TV programming service to vertical markets that requires no Cable Box.
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